Autumn in Tyrol

Holidays in the Tyrolean Oberland really can be this impressive!

Enjoy the variety of autumn!

The Tyrolean Oberland becomes a colourful holiday destination in every respect when the leaves gradually start to turn orange-red.                                 

It’s not just the exceptional diversity of the spectacular mountainous landscape in autumn – there is also a particularly varied range of holiday activities in Tyrol at this time of year. Numerous markets and traditional events make autumn in Tyrol a very varied season.

After all, both sports fanatics and relaxation-seekers will find the perfect conditions for undisturbed holiday enjoyment in autumn – whether it’s discovering the colourful nature or savouring the many rural autumn treats of the region.

The most beautiful traditional events in autumn
Autumn Events
  • 09.09.2023 Alpine cattle drive Ried
  • 14.09.2023 Autumn festival Pfunds
  • 16.09.2023 Alpine cattle drive Pfunds
  • 22. - 23.09.2023 Sheep drive Pfunds
  • 24.09.2023 Harvest & Apple festival Prutz
  • 30.09.2023 Tree countries market Pfunds
  • 08.10.2023 Ried autumn market
To the autumn events

Walking through the Tyrol in autumn

For many people, autumn is the most beautiful time of the year for hiking. Hardly surprising since it’s not just the unique blaze of colour of the deciduous and larch forests that you enjoy at this time of year but also magnificent visibility! With clear view you can glimpse stunning views far into the distance of the surrounding valleys and fully enjoy the last rays of summer sunshine.

The practical hiking bus also operates until mid-October and is the most convenient way to reach the starting points of many beautiful autumn hikes!

Autumn cycling in Tyrol

The perfect time to explore the autumnal beauties of the region on your mountain bike, road bike or e-bike! How about a bike tour to one of the surrounding alpine pastures, to the Pfundser Tschey or to Altfinstermünz along the Via Claudia cycle path?

For those with extra energy, autumn also offers wonderful conditions for one or more stages on one of the three long-distance cycle paths in the region. For example, kilometre after kilometre you cycle on the famous Via Claudia Augusta directly through the Tyrolean autumn pleasure.

Discover the most beautiful tours of the Tyrolean Oberland with our certified bike guides. The extensive range offers the perfect tour for both newcomers and experienced bikers.

Pleasure & Culinary

Autumn time is harvest time - and therefore the best holiday season for gourmets! After all, when else could the fruits and grapes ripened in the summer sun be tasted better than freshly harvested and processed?

Stroll through the region's fruit gardens and vineyards and take the opportunity to taste your way through the tempting local delicacies. You will "harvest" an extra portion of knowledge along the way, for example during a tour including tasting on the Tyrolean Schnapps Route ...

Would you like to experience the harvest time in Tyrolean farmland?

You should spend autumn in the Tyrolean Oberland if...

  • … autumn is the prettiest time for you to enjoy the colourfulness of nature and seasonal delicacies.
  • … you would like to experience the customs of your holiday region up-close at traditional markets, festivals and events.
  • … you prefer to explore a region best away from the summer crowds, in peace and comfort.
  • … there’s nothing prettier for you than hiking or cycling through the brightly coloured forests of the Tyrol.
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