Hiking tour

Hohenzollernhaus - Bergsee

Drive from Pfunds into the Radurschl to the Wildmoos car park. An exceptionally beautiful high-level hike, especially suitable for families, along the rushing stream into Raduschl No. 10. There are two ways to reach the Hohenzollernhaus. The 1 variant leads left over the bridge to the Radurschl Alm, the so-called Sommersteig. The 2nd variant leads right before the bridge, through the Swiss stone pine forest, past the sculpture park, a place to relax for the whole family, in to the material cable car and the waterfall and then steeply ascending the so-called Wintersteig up to the Hohenzollernhaus. The Hohenzollernhaus offers ideal accommodation and the best food if you want to climb the three thousand metre peaks in this mountain massif.

 ​From Hohenzollernhaus in Pfunds a short hike leads up to the emerald-green mountain lake, this lake was created by a mudslide in 2019.
Tip: every Tuesday a hiking bus leaves for the Radurschl
Tip: emerald green mountain lake
Refreshments: Radurschlalm, Hohenzollernhaus
Highest point
Start point
Parkplatz Wildmoos
End point
Bergsee im Radruschl

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