Hiking Bus

in the Tyrolean Oberland

So close to the destination without a car - nerve-splitting and lost!

The most beautiful views and hiking highlights of the Alps in Tyrol are not only reserved for experienced mountain experts. Even less fit hikers, children or mountain novices can reach starting points thanks to our hiking buses.

From which it is no longer so far to various hiking destinations in our mountain worlds. The best part? Car-free vacation guaranteed! Saves the environment and the nerves.

Hiking destinations
pick-up bus **
Stops Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Friday
Prutz tourist information office 08:40 am 09:20 am 09:10 am - 08:10 am
Ried tourist information office 08:45 am 09:15 am 09:15 am - 08:15 am
Tösens municipality 08:50 am 09:10 am 09:20 am - 08:20 am
Pfunds roundabout 09:00 am 09:00 am 09:30 am  - 08:30 am
Pfunds tourist information office 09:00 am 09:00 am 09:30 am - 08:30 am
Return journey 04:00 pm FALKAUNS ALM * 03:35 pm 04:00 pm** 03:30 pm
Minimum number of passengers for the bus: 4 people
Booking deadline: it is compulsory to book by the evening before - either with your host or in the tourist information offices
Kosts: for free with the Summercard

Pick-up point at the Falkauns Alm on Wednesday at approx. 03:30 pm (panoramic mountain path for advanced hikers; no pick-up at the Aifner Alm!)

** This is a hiking pick-up bus only. The meeting point is at the "Spielebene" (below the Stalanzer Alm).