natural high valley

The Radurschltal, popular with hikers & cyclists, is a natural high valley near Pfunds.

From Pfunds, the valley stretches for about 15 kilometers from the valley floor, over several terrain steps, to the transition into the Langtauferer Tal - The border to South Tyrol. At the entrance to the valley is the wildly romantic Radurschlklamm gorge, which is a particularly rewarding hike in high summer.

  • Raduschlklamm
  • Radurschlalm
  • Hohenzollernhaus 
  • Sculpture park in the stone pine forest 
  • emerald mountain lake 
  • Hiking bus every Tuesday 

Things to know about the mountain world Radurschl


  • The Radurschltal is home to the largest continuous Swiss stone pine forest in the Eastern Alps? 
  • The Hohenzollernhaus is also called "Albla" by the locals? 
  • One of the paths to the Hohenzollernhaus leads along a mighty waterfall? 
  • In summer, yoga courses are offered in the middle of the Swiss stone pine forest, followed by brunch on the alpine pasture? 
  • The Glockturm is not only the highest mountain in the Radurschltal, but even in the entire municipality of Pfunds? 

Sculpture Park

In the immediate vicinity of the alpine pasture, artists from Austria & abroad have created an alpine art exhibition made of Swiss stone pine. In the middle of the sculpture park you will also find an idyllic barbecue area, many streams and a small lake - the path there is suitable for strollers!  

Mountain lake in Radurschl valley

A very special natural jewel awaits us behind the Hohenzollernhaus - an emerald-colored mountain lake that was recently formed by a mudslide at an altitude of 2,200 meters. It is therefore impossible to estimate how long this natural jewel will remain for us.