Enjoyment and cuisine in the Tyrolean Oberland

The taste of holidays in Tyrol.

You only truly know the Tyrolean Oberland when you’ve tried the best delicacies the region has to offer – bon appetit!

Traditional mills, long-established distilleries, quaint little farm shops: If you’re looking to inject your holiday with a little cuisine in the Tyrolean Oberland, you’ll make a find on almost every corner. When centuries-old craft combines with authentic moments of enjoyment, that’s what gives the holiday some flavour!

Savour the handmade delicacies in the traditional farm shops, from apricot jam to crusty farmhouse bread. Or take a tour of the distillery and learn everything about the region’s exquisite alcohol.

That’s the taste of the Tyrolean Oberland

Gourmets know: It’s not just its architecture and museums that make up a region’s culture but also the cuisine! It’s not just die-hard gourmets who know that the Tyrolean Oberland has something to offer in terms of indulging and enjoying food... Visitors come across new delicacies and treats at every twist and turn when exploring the mountain region’s cuisine.

As such, the many farm shops are essential stop-off points on any culinary tour. After all, where else would you find more hand-made Tyrolean specialities in one place?

Tasting and selling - in the farm shops of the Tyrolean Oberland:

  • Farm shops in Pfunds:Here you can find delicious farmhouse bread, homemade jams and juices as well as bacon, spices and more!
  • Gerti's Farm shop in Tösens: Fans of organic food will love the homemade treats in Gerti’s Bauernladele!
  • Farm shop Kofler in Prutz:Enjoy delicious fruit from the orchard at Klaudia and Heinz Kofler’s farm shop – apricots, peaches, pears, apples and other sweet fruits …
  • Farm shop Mair in Faggen: Products of the highest quality including eggs, potatoes, milk, pasta, schnapps etc.

Alcoholic delights on the Tyrolean schnapps route

Never turn down the offer of a schnapps in the Tyrolean Oberland! After all, the region has a long history of distilling schnapps. The traditional brands are renowned for their special clarity, fruitiness and purity. Exciting tours of the schnapps route will take you directly into the distilleries to learn everything about these alcoholic delights!

Best quality from the Tiroler Oberland - our regional producers

Here you will find a list of our regional producers from the Tiroler Oberland ... from noble brandy to honey and other regional products.

To our regional producers
"epa s'bescht"

Inns in the Tyrol

down-to-earth - genuine - authentic 

  • Tyrolean hospitality
  • the love for Tyrolean food
  • the freshness of the products used from farms, water and forests
  • the special attention to the authentic ambiance and architecture 

“Bewusst Tirol” (Tyrol aware) - added value to the region  

Bewusst Tirol is a project which aims to increase the use of homegrown food in the hotel and restaurant industries.

Stop for a bite to eat, you won’t be disappointed

No one has to go hungry in the Tyrolean Oberland – numerous restaurants and inns make sure of that by turning your holiday in Tyrol into a culinary feast. Whether it’s the famous Tyrolean Gröstl, pizza or a fish dish – there’s something here for all tastes!

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