Kobl & Spiss

two exciting mountain worlds

The two mountain worlds offer exciting family adventures and adventurous hikes.

Cozy hospitality and experiences with the local flora and fauna of a very special kind - this is what attracts the mountain worlds Kobl and Spiss.

  • Sunrise hike 
  • Wild animal enclosure Feichti 
  • 4 elements playground 
  • Flower hiking trail
  • every friday hiking bus Kobl 

Things to know about the mountain worlds Kobl & Spiss:


  • The small hamlet of Kobl is the home of the musicians "Pfunds Kerle", who are known far beyond the borders of the country.
  • Here there is a wild animal enclosure with fallow and mouflon deer.
  • In the Zander Valley, near the community of Spiss, there is a particularly high diversity of plants.
  • At the Rauhen Kopf you can experience the most beautiful sunrises with a view over the Inn Valley, to Switzerland and to South Tyrol.
  • The Fließer Alpe Zanders is an enclave of Spiss. 


Sunrise hike Rauher Kopf

Even before nature awakens and the birds begin to chirp, climb a mountain and then experience probably the most beautiful sunrise, that's exactly what you do here at Kobl.

Wildlife feeding

A very special experience at Kobl is also the wild animal feeding in the "Feichti" here you have the chance to experience native wild animals very close and learn a lot about their life here in the mountains.

Flower trail to the alp

For those who prefer to get up a little later, this mountain world also offers great hikes, for example to the Kobler Alm or to the Alpe Zanders. A special highlight in early summer is the flower hiking trail in Zanders, near Spiss. Those who want to go high up will also find some peaks that invite you to climb.