Holiday diversity in Pfunds

Sunny holiday prospects

Welcome to Pfunds, welcome to the sunny side of the Tyrolean Oberland!            

A holiday in tranquil Pfunds 970 m above sea level with approx. 2,650 inhabitants means on the one hand: blissful relaxation surrounded by pine forests, Alpine pastures and a gorge. Relaxing in the sun or wondering by the pretty farmhouses and bourgeois houses.

And on the other hand: plenty of action with outdoor sports for the entire family. Numerous activities and adventures in the fresh mountain air will get people of all ages active!

Summer straight out of a picture book

In the summer, both young and old will make unforgettable holiday memories, for example cyclinghikingrafting or climbing in the high rope courses. To put your skill and power of concentration to the test, visit the archery course in Pfunds. With weekly courses in the magnificient mountainous region, everyone’s bound to hit the bullseye sooner or later!

Are you a big summer fan? Can’t wait to plan your holiday? Discover the best summer activities in the Tyrolean Oberland!

Glistening wintertime fun

In winter too, the eco-community in the Tyrolean Oberland has the recipe for exciting days out. After all, six wonderful ski resorts are just a stone’s throw from Pfunds. As well as numerous opportunities to do cross-country skiinggo on a ski tour,go tobogganing and ice skating, above all else it’s the Pfundser Tschey which entices winter lovers into the glistening white snow.

Mountain worlds in Pfunds

Discover the mountain worlds of Pfunds whether with hiking boots or by bike. In the mountains around Pfunds there are over 200 marked hiking trails - the mountain worlds are divided into 3 different areas for orientation.

Special highlight: The mountain world of Pfundser Tschey - the high valley above Pfunds should be high on your vacation list. After all, the valley 600 meters above Pfunds is a spectacular gem that is also unparalleled outside of Austria.

Pfunds Kerle

We will meet in Pfunds

The trio from Pfunds, Paul Köhle senior, Martin Köhle and Joe Wachter, has been delighting a constantly growing group of fans in many countries for years. What began in 1992 on the Kobler Alm with four friends playing music and a few songs for hikers and guests is now a success story that has lasted over a quarter of a century. "Die Pfunds-Kerle" are known far beyond the borders of Tyrol. Countless guests celebrate every year in August with the Pfunds Kerlen the famous Summer Experience Week with large Pfunds Kerle Open Air.

Would you have known that....

  • ... the climate in Pfunds is particularly mild and fairly low in precipitation, and the number of hours of sunshine is above average.
  • ... the flora and fauna of Pfunds is particularly diverse; in addition to rare alpine flowers, the Radurschl Valley is home to the largest contiguous Swiss stone pine forest in the Eastern Alps.
  • ... the name Pfunds comes from the Latin fundus "fertile soil" and there are two different parts of the village, Dorf and Stuben.
  • ... there are 12 hamlets - up to 1600m above sea level - which surround the beautiful vacation resort and are framed by magnificent forests, meadows and alpine pastures.
  • Pfunds wine is grown in a sunny location, schnapps is distilled and at 1,400m even beer is brewed?
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