Motorbiking in Tyrol

Discover the best tours in the Tyroleran Oberland on bike!

The Tyrolean Oberland: Curve after curve the dream of every motorcyclist!

Motorcyclists will find natural beauty combined with paved routes and divine Alpine passes in the Tyrolean Oberland. With its central location in the border triangle, it’s the ideal place for motorbike holidays and getaways.

What tour will it be today? Do you want to discover Austria, enjoy a coffee in Italy or visit beautiful Switzerland? You can combine all of that in a day tour starting out from the Tyrolean Oberland!

Paradise for motorcyclists in the Tyrolean Oberland

What have PrutzFaggenRiedPfundsSpiss and Tösens got in common? They’re all in the Tyrolean Oberland and are centrally located in the Austrian/Italian/Swiss border triangle. Whether it’s a challenging Alpine pass, a trip around a lake or a comfortable ride to see the Austrian nature: there are 30 tours awaiting you in the Tyrolean Oberland, meaning motorcyclists will be able to tick off everything on their wish lists.

The Alpine passes with their snaking routes and hairpin bends are an irresistible attraction for motorcyclists from all around the world. That’s why they’re also a fixed feature in international guidebooks. Amazing landscapes and stunning mountain roads will make any journey an exciting tour.

All motorbike tours in the Tyrolean Oberland at a glance

The MotoAlps tour highlights

You definitely shouldn’t miss out!

Every motorcyclist will find the right tour for them from among the 30 motorbike tours in the Tyrolean Oberland. Take a look at the MotoAlps tour map to check out which tours you really shouldn’t miss out on.

MotoAlps nature tour

Riding through the prettiest nature parks of the region for two to three days. You’re not just biking in Tyrol but also in Vorarlberg, Graubünden and South Tyrol. On the way you’ll find the Silvretta Hochalpenstraße, the Bielerhöhe and the Kops-Stausee reservoir – you’re guaranteed breathtaking views of the Tyrolean mountain region in this tour!

MotoAlps cultural tour

Are you interested in the culture and history of the region? Then this tour is the right one for you! In Tyrol, South Tyrol and Graubünden, the route leads to cultural sites well worth visiting such as the tower in Lake Reschen, Landeck Castle or the monastery San Jon in Müstair.

MotoAlps gourmet tour

Gourmets listen up: The MotoAlps gourmet tour combines the best roads with true culinary delights. You’ll feast on food in all its variety from three different countries over a distance of about 1,100 kilometres!

Motorcycle restrictions

The Tyrolean Oberland offers a wide range of activities and numerous impressive and cross-border tours, especially for motorcycle enthusiasts.  In order to counteract the noise pollution for the local population, the province of Tyrol recently imposed driving bans on a small part of the routes in the district of Imst and Reutte. These affect particularly loud motorcycles that have a stationary noise level of over 95 dBA. Only about 5.6% of the entire provincial road network in Tyrol is affected by the driving bans. Accordingly, one may continue to drive on more than 94% of the provincial roads in Tyrol with a motorcycle that is subject to the driving bans applicable as of June 10, 2020 with regard to the approved stationary noise. Only about 7% of the registered vehicles are affected by this driving ban. These restrictions are valid for the period from April 15 to October 31, every year. On our motorcycle page you will find a large selection of tour suggestions that are exempt from the restrictions. Further information on the driving ban: