Nature experience 

Scenic adventures and fascinating environment

A sustainable leisure programme promises exciting nature experiences for the whole family.

Especially in summer, when the meadows are in bloom, Tyrol has a magical effect. What stories do the woods and meadows have to tell?

The region is setting an example for the environment with consciously sustainable leisure activities. The unspoilt landscape, forests and meadows have a high recreational value for guests and locals alike.

To recharge your batteries and break out of everyday life.

In harmony with nature they spend quiet, relaxing hours and holidays.

The region is specifically focusing on sustainability and deceleration with various projects. You will learn how valuable nature is for humans and animals. Regional beekeepers, farmers and herbalists share their knowledge about the use of natural resources. The relaxing atmosphere of the mountain landscape strengthens body and soul.

Enjoy the Tyrolean mountain air, the scent of herbs and nature in its most pristine form.