Faggen in Tyrol

Small, but impressive!

If you’re looking above all for a holiday of peace and relaxation, you’ve struck gold in tranquil Faggen.

Surrounded by the magnificent mountainous region of Tyrol, time seems to float by at a different pace in the small municipality with approx. 400 inhabitants at the entrance to the Kaunertal 900 m above sea level. People still take time to do things in Faggen and enjoy nature’s treasures.

This relaxed atmosphere offers the perfect conditions for a restful holiday. Starting the day without any hassle, relaxing and properly switching off again is all par for the course in Faggen.

A place with a history

Faggen boasts a long history. Excavations and artefacts show that the area had been settled as far back as the Bronze Age, around 1500 BC. With an area of 3.6 square kilometres and only 370 inhabitants, Faggen is the smallest municipality in Oberes Gericht. Small, but excellent! In any case, there are numerous opportunities for holidaymakers in the picturesque surroundings to have a relaxing and simultaneously exciting time!  

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Lots going on in Faggen

If Faggen has one thing to offer in abundance, then it’s scenic beauty. Located on the wetlands of the River Inn, the small municipality offers the best opportunities for unforgettable outdoor moments. Whether it’s hiking or mountain biking in the Kaunergrat nature park or savouring delicacies in one of the surrounding Alpine huts.

In Winter, there are two nearby snow paradises, the ski resorts of Fendels and the Kaunertal Glacier. Skiing continues on the Glacier right into June – unique skiing experiences in the permanent ice are part of the programme here!

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Faggen and water

Water has always played a vital role in Faggen. Even on the municipality’s coat of arms, there are three converging silver stripes which stand for the mouths of the River Fagge splitting off into the River Inn. Even the village’s name is an allusion to water. The Romansh name “place in the area of exceeding water split up into branches”, which Faggen stems from, probably wasn’t on any place-name sign...!

The water even weaves through the most important sights in the municipality like a common thread, or rather a blue thread. Finally, the region is not just known for the mineral water from the Sauerbrunnquelle, but rather also for the beautiful family hikes along the Kaunerberg Water Trail.

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