Hiking and mountain climbing

Discover Tyrol step for step

Forget your everyday worries and clear your head. Where could be better for that than hiking in the Tyrolean Oberland?

You will see: With a view of the snow-capped peaks, lush Alpine meadows underfoot and heading towards the next mountain hut, all your worries will quickly be forgotten. Because only one thing counts: taking a deep breath and enjoying the moment. Wait a second, wasn’t that a chamois over there?

In the largely unspoiled nature of the hiking region in Tyrol, it’s not uncommon to come across native Alpine animals such as ibexes, eagles or bearded vultures. A unique experience that you’ll be recounting when you get back off holiday too!

Hiking together, exploring together

Is it your first time in the Tyrolean Oberland and you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any hiking highlights? Or perhaps as a hiking novice you don’t feel totally comfortable at the thought of exploring the region’s mountains all on your own? No problem! Together with more than 1,200 mountain guides and more than 700 highly qualified mountain guides in Tyrol, an unforgettable, interesting and above all safe mountain hiking experience is guaranteed!

Experience the most beautiful tours of Tyrol together with your guide and benefit from their impressive know-how. At the same time, you’ll find out interesting facts about the captivating plant and animal life of the mountainous Alpine region!

Hiking with guide

The diverse programme with a mountain guide is particularly popular, taking you on exciting hikes to explore the herbs and plants, sunrise walks and tours of gorges and, of course, to the prettiest spots around Ried, Prutz and Pfunds. Sound exactly like your type of holiday?

You can find out more information about guided hikes in the weekly programme!

The weekly programme

Up to the peaks with the mountain professionals

You can also go high up into the mountains with the professional mountain guides from Ried, Prutz and Pfunds. The guides of the Alpincenter Dreiländereck have the perfect challenge for every hiking enthusiast – from guided mountain and glacier tours to sport climbing adventures to via ferrata tours.

Ready for your personal mountain experience? Discover the diverse range of mountain sports at the Alpincenter Dreiländereck!


Getting close to nature

No wonder that the hiking region around PrutzFaggenRiedTösensPfunds and Spiss bears the attribute of “award-winning mountain routes”. After all, the more than 300 kilometres of marked hiking and mountain routes are not just a true paradise for experienced mountaineers!

Up and away with the mountain lifts and hiking bus

The prettiest views and hiking highlights of the Alps are not just reserved for experienced mountain lovers in Tyrol. Hikers who are not as fit, children or mountain novices can also comfortably reach many peaks of the hiking region thanks to the cable cars. The best part?  With the GOLD Summercard you can even use them mostly free of charge!

Did you know? The same goes for the practical hiking bus which takes you quickly and comfortably up to the starting points of many routes!

Hiking bus

Free with the Summercard!
Hiking destinations
Pick-Up bus **
Stops Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Friday
Prutz tourist information office 08:40 am 09:20 am 09:10 am - 08:10 am
Ried tourist information office 08:45 am 09:15 am 09:15 am - 08:15 am
Tösens municipality 08:50 am 09:10 am 09:20 am - 08:20 am
Pfunds roundabout 09:00 am 09:00 am 09:30 am - 08:30 am
Pfunds tourist information office 09:00 am 09:00 am 09:30 am - 08:30 am
Return journey 04:00 pm FALKAUNS ALM * 03:35 pm 04:00 pm ** 03:30 pm
Minimum number of passengers for the bus: 4 people
Booking deadline: it is compulsory to book by the evening before - either with your host or in the tourist information offices
Kosts: for free with Summercard

Pick-up point at the Falkauns Alm on Wednesday at approx. 03.30 pm (panoramic mountain path for advanced hikers; no pick-up at the Aifner Alm!)

** This is a hiking pick-up bus only. The meeting point is at the "Spielebene" (below the Stalanzer Alm).


Mountain huts and lodges in the Tyrolean Oberland

Even the loveliest walk wouldn’t be half so beautiful without a well-deserved stop in a quaint mountain hut. After all, fresh air isn’t just good for the soul, it also gives you an appetite! And what could be a better remedy for this than a hearty Tyrolean ploughman's platter of bread with bacon and cheese or a fluffy kaiserschmarrn? Topped off with a breathtaking mountain panorama, the regional delicacies taste even better!   

Is your mouth watering already? Plan your next hike right now and discover the region’s most beautiful mountain huts for your perfect snack break!


Feasting with the gourmet pass

If you like to combine mountain air with culinary treats, then the gourmet pass is your hiking accessory for a particularly enjoyable time. Because you don’t just get “gourmet points” for the pass from simply conquering peaks or reaching a certain altitude! No, you collect more valuable points the more culinary delights you try! Simply stop for a bite to eat at one of the chosen Alpine huts and mountain inns which are renowned for their particularly good regional dishes. If you’ve tried all of the delicacies, then at the end you’ll receive a practical hiking present, such as a drinking bottle or a snack board.

Sounds simply delightful, doesn’t it? What are you still waiting for? Find out everything about the gourmet pass and experience the “peak” of culinary pleasure!


Walking pleasure hand in hand with enjoyment of art

One particularly popular hiking destination in the Tyrolean Oberland is the sculpture park in the Radurschl. In the heart of the pine forest you won’t just find many cosy little spots to have a rest and take in the fresh air, you’ll also find unique wooden sculptures crafted by local artists. Surrounded by ancient stone pine trees, gushing streams and a picturesque lake, a break from hiking is a wonderful opportunity to take in a little art. What’s more, Around an hour away from the sculpture park is the quaint Alpine club hut Hohenzollernhaus – another reason not to miss out on this magical area!

Find out more about the sculpture park in the Radurschl!

The best hiking tours at a glance

As well as the sculpture park, there are many other tours in the Tyrolean Oberland awaiting enthusiastic walkers – whether you just want to do a short circular walk, or you’re interested in a sporting challenge or a gentle amble with the family!

Take a look now at the interactive tour portal  – here you can find an overview and a list of the top hotspots of the hiking area in the Tyrolean Oberland at the moment.

Whether you’re on a hike through the gorges to the Radurschlklamm, or to the Fallende Bach waterfall and Anton Renk mountain cabin or on the Frudiger circular hike, the Tyrolean Oberland is sure to get your heart beating faster!

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