Pfundser Tschey 

One of the most beautiful high valleys of Tyrol

The Pfundser Tschey is a high valley above Pfunds and runs from about 1,600m - 1,700m above sea level.

The incomparable panorama, with the many small hay barns must have seen. Due to its scenic beauty, the high valley is one of the great treasures of the Tyrolean Oberland.

  • Silver mine Platzertal
  • one hundred cooking huts & hay barns
  • Gschnairalm & Platzeralm 
  • every thursday hiking bus

Things to know about the mountain world Tschey


  • Tschey comes from the Rhaeto-Romanic and means high valley.
  • There are over a hundred cooking huts and hay barns here? 
  • You can even go cross-country skiing here in winter? 
  • Orchids can be found in the Tschey? 
  • The Tschey was shortlisted as the most beautiful place in Austria in 2019? 

Platzertal Silver Mine

In addition to its beautiful scenery and the Platzer Alm, the high alpine Platzer Valley also has a true rarity to offer. An old silver mine, which has been restored and prepared for visitors in recent years.

Greiter Mill & Saw

Our old mill was already mentioned in writing in 1856, until today grain is still ground here in the show operation. in the summer months the farmers' wives bake bread here diligently - a cultural highlight that you must have tried above all! The saw is not only fully functional since the restoration in 1998, but was also awarded as a cultural monument.

Power Place: Chapel Maria Schnee

In the middle of the Tschey is this gem. The chapel was built in 2004 by Dean Werner Seifert out of a private initiative. The beautifully landscaped path to the chapel Maria Schnee is pram & wheelchair accessible - in about 1/2 hour you reach this power place in the middle of meadows & Stadln.

A year in the Pfundser Tschey


Nature awakens in spring and the green meadows are covered with thousands of purple and white crocuses.


A mountain summer from its most beautiful side - with a splendour of flowers in the Tschey. The diverse Alpine flora peaks in June to July, with the distribution of a large number of species of orchid being particularly appreciated by flower lovers. The meadows are mowed in August - there’s a lot going on in the meadows. The high valleysis the ideal starting point for an alpine hike in the direction of Platzer Alm and Gschnair Alm or for a hike to the local mountain of Pfunds den Frudiger. 


The golden time of year - in September and October the golden autumn makes an appearance in the Tschey. The larch trees take on an autumnal tinge and leave the forest around the Tschey ablaze with colour.


A soft blanket of snow covers the huts and barns of the Tschey from December - winter makes an appearance. The cross-country ski trails and winter hiking routes are prepared - here, you can enjoy the quiet and escape the everyday stress in the valley.

Why are there so many barns here then?

How many are there? We haven’t counted, but there has to be a hundred or so such barns and kitchen huts.

Each barn in the Tschey belongs to a farmer - the meadows aren’t Alpine pastures, but rather are mowed by the different farmers. There are the so-called kitchen huts - these were and still are, as the name suggests, used for spending the night and cooking. The other hay barns, known locally as “Stoodl” or “Pilla” are used for the temporary storage of harvested hay.

Hiking guide Renate inquires with you in summer the Pfundser Tschey!

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