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E-Bike Tour Sport Monz



On the saddle, ready, go...
Together we explore the Tyrolean Oberland

E-bike tours with Sport Monz mean pure action and nature experiences. The bike guides adapt individually to the wishes and abilities of the group.

Tour possibilities always Wednesday and Friday

  • E-Biketour Easy ca. 2 hours | € 35,- e.g. Altfinstermünz, Badesee Ried, and many more.
  • E-bike tour 3 - 4 hours | € 45,- e.g. around the Frudiger, Gschnair Alm, Kobler Alm, etc.
  • E-bike tour 5 - 6 hours | € 60,- Bike and Hike e.g. Hohenzollernhaus, and much more.

Details about the bike program in Pfunds:
Registration is required for all bike tours until 16:30 the day before. The meeting point is at 09:30 at Sport Monz in Pfunds. Children from 12 years of age may participate in the e-bike tours. The prices are exclusive of e-bike rental. Ask for the rental prices in the info office! 
TIP: Individual tours can also be booked! 



Event location
Sport Monz
Stuben 30, 6542 Pfunds
Laura Monz
Stuben 30, 6542 Pfunds

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