The stories of the Tiroler Oberland

The landscape tells the traces of time - learn more about special places!

Nature lovers will find so-called "steles" at important places in the Tyrolean Oberland. The wooden elements, over two metres high, tell special stories of the landscape - with the voices of locals.


The Tyrolean Oberland is rich in places with a lively inner-alpine cultural landscape and intact natural areas, as well as special stories and people who are behind them and who shape these places and have been cultivating them in "IN.KLÅNG" with nature for generations.



with the nature

Landscape Memories

IN.KLÅNG makes these special places permanently visible in the terrain, networks them via accompanying media and conveys the special stories behind the places directly on site and around the clock for all interested parties.

Following the millennia-old genesis of the cultural landscapes of these places, the transmission of history will take place via "oral tradition", i.e. by means of an audio system. In the same way, the places will be marked with very old forms that have been part of the landscape in the Tyrolean Oberland for thousands of years, namely the "stele".

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