The most impressive sights in the Tyrolean Oberland

In search of culture and enjoyment

A new highlight behind every corner – culture, enjoyment and a whole host of sights await you in the Tyrolean Oberland!

Looking for more than simply exploring a holiday destination by hiking or cycling? Are you also craving a little culture in your holiday to really get to know a region? Then the Tyrolean Oberland is just the place for you!

Because it’s not just the myriad cycling and walking routes which make the Tyrolean mountain region a remarkably varied location. The Tyrolean Oberland has also got a lot to offer in terms of cultural and traditional sights!

An outstanding spot

With its unique location in the border region straddling three countries and cultures, the Tyrolean Oberland has had a colourful history. Where the Romans once crossed the Alps on the Via Claudia, numerous cultural monuments today stand testament to the region’s eventful history. Bridges, fortresses, castles and museums are interspersed with quaint farmyards, distilleries and attractive locations in the Tyrolean Oberland. A tour to discover the cultural and culinary delights of the Tyrolean Oberland is well worth it!

Castles and fortresses

There are plenty of opportunities to feel like a knight or a damsel in the Tyrolean Oberland. After all, there are numerous ruins steeped in history in the tri-country region which are just waiting to be discovered by curious visitors!

For example, a visit to the famous Finstermünz Fortress is a great experience for the whole family. The former border and customs station is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of the Middle Ages. Roaming through the Finstermünz Fortress with its imposing vaults and dark nooks and crannies will send shivers down your spine - it is well worth a visit!

In addition, Sigmundsried Castle offers the perfect backdrop for journeying into times gone by. With exciting tours you’ll learn everything about the landmark of Ried – once a local court, today one of the most important cultural landmarks in the region.

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Fascinating museums

The fascinating museums in the Tyrolean Oberland are well worth a visit and not just on rainy days! After all, a holiday should be relaxing but at the same time exciting! And that is guaranteed in the region’s interesting museums....

In the Serfauser Lauser museum you can experience close-up what farming life was like in the past. Harvesting herbs, grinding corn, baking bread... follow in the footsteps of the Tyrol farming families and gain a fascinating insight into their lives!

Discover bygone eras of the Tyrolean Oberland in the Pfunds folk museum too. With its display rooms true to the original, the 14th century farm house offers an unparalleled eye-opener into the past!


Highlights along the Via Claudia

The old Roman road is home to some cultural gems. Walk in the footsteps of the Ancient Romans and discover the region on paths which are particularly steeped in history!

Things that are worth seeing along the Roman Road include:

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Old trades close-up

If you’re interested in the traditional workplaces and trades of the region, you are guaranteed an unforgettable day at the former mine silver mine Platzertal. Follow in the footsteps of the miners and experience a poignant insight into the exhausting daily work of extracting mineral deposits.
Did you know?The mine in Platzertal is one of the highest located mines in Europe!

In the mill and saw in Greit as well, there are all sorts of exciting things to experience and discover. Journey back in time to the old smoke room and parlour and admire the impressive mill wheel.
Don’t miss out: Every second Thursday in the mill there are “How to bake bread like Grandma’s” sessions including tasting and selling!

In the sheep wool factory in Frauns in Ried, former hydroelectric machines can be visited every Saturday by appointment. 
In the accompanying sales shop you can buy knitting and felting wool, knitted fabrics, carpets made from Tyrolean mountain sheep's wool.

Landscape Memories „IN.KLÅNG“

At a total of 20 special places in the villages of Ried, Tösens, Pfunds and Nauders interactive wooden steles were placed. Some of them will pass on millennia-old stories and knowledge from locals in dialect, High German, English and Italian. The stelae are to draw attention to alpine nature and cultural treasures of the region.

Historical tour through Ried in the Upper Inn Valley

Bilingual information boards (English and German) were placed at a total of 22 stations in Ried in the Upper Inn Valley and Tösens, including the church of St. Leonhard, Sigmundsried Castle and the Fasslbrunnen fountain. There are 17 locations directly in Ried, off the village circuit there are also five outposts, such as the grain mill in Untertösens, the sawmill in St. Christina or the sheep wool factory in frauns.

There is a new culture booklet for this new theme path and the outposts, which is now available free of charge in the information offices!

Mini Fundus in Pfunds

In the open air museum Mini Fundus even the little ones feel pretty big! The picturesque village of Pfunds has been recreated in miniature form right next to the Via Claudia Augusta. As well as the lovingly designed mini houses there is also a Kneipp facility waiting to be discovered. The perfect way to cool off on those hot summer days!

Looking for big fun in the tiny little village?Find out everything about visiting Mini Fundus!


Ausflugsziele in der Region und Umgebung

If the Tyrolean Oberland on its own isn’t quite enough for you, you’ll find plenty of unforgettable places to visit nearby. Fancy visiting the fortresses of Engadin, or a little retail therapy in Innsbruck or perhaps a quick trip to Meran for market day? Thanks to the unique location in the tri-country region, it’s all easily accessible from the Tyrolean Oberland!



Mini-Fundus & Kneipp facility
Pfunds in miniature | Foot and water basin
Sculpture Park in the Zirbenwald Raduschl
Wooden sculptures | Mountain lake | Barbecue
Feichti wildlife reserve
Fallow deer | Mouflon
Top experience
Klammsteig | Radurschlklamm - Gorge Walk
Gorge | Bridges | Suspension bridge | Water falls
Top experience
Pfunds Tschey
High vally | 600m above Pfunds| always worth a visit
Pontlatz Bridge
Show of freedom struggles
Sauerbrunnquelle (Spring) | Prutz
Very special water source
Sigmundsried castle
Named after the sovereign Duke Sigmund