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Altfinstermünz Adventure Castle

Due to a landslide and the necessary restoration measures, the footpath and cycle path in the Pfunds Schalkl to Altfinstermünz area is closed for safety reasons. The closure is expected to last until mid-June; alternative route via the B184 possible! 

Access to the Altfinstermünz adventure castle possible via Vinadi or Hochfinstermünz 

Dark? That was a long time ago. Thanks to careful restoration, the former border crossing point and customs post of Altfinstermünz is now an attractive and fascinating monument to the ‘dark’ Middle Ages - you will be amazed! Open through the summer, weekly in winter. And thanks to the new cycle bridge, there is barrier-free access via the cycle or hiking route.

Opening hours
Summer | From 30. May until the end of September | Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 am - 4:30 pm

Due to a landslide and the necessary renovation measures, the walking and cycling path in the area of Pfunds Schalkl to Altfinstermünz is closed for safety reasons.
Expected duration of the closure until mid-June

Alternating via the B184 possible!
Access to the adventure castle Old Dark Coin via Vinadi or High Dark Coin possible
Ermäßigung mit der Summercard! Kostenlos mit der Summercard GOLD!
Stuben 45, 6542 Pfunds

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