Winter walking

Winter hike Pfunds | Wild animal enclosure "Feichti

Driving possibility from Pfunds to the district Kobl, past the Sonnenhof follow the road for about 2 km. At the end of the road there are few parking possibilities. Then follow the pink winter hiking signs. From the parking lot, first go straight along the path, after a few meters turn right towards the forest path. Then follow this path until you reach the wild animal enclosure. The enclosure is open every Friday by appointment! 

Tip: Every Friday there is a hiking bus to the Kobl - registration required!
Tip: Every Friday family hike to the wild animal enclosure with guided tour & feeding in the enclosure!
Tip: Take your toboggan with you - because afterwards you can toboggan back to the parking lot!
Tip: Stop at the Sonnenhof!

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Winter walking
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