Winter walking | Snowshoe hiking

Winter Hike Pfunds | Gschnairweg

Driving possibility from Pfunds village via Greit to the parking lot Greiter Säge (about 600m below the Tscheylücke). From there the winter hiking trail leads us the first part on the path to the Gschnair Alm, then we continue along the edge of the forest of the Tschey in the direction of the Gschnair Alm back on the trail.

Tip: With snowshoes you can go even further in the direction of Gschnair Alm (not managed in winter)!
Tip: Every Thursday the hiking bus goes to the Pfundser Tschey - registration required!
Tip: Stop at the Berghof in Greit - restaurant open DO & SO!
Tip: Take your toboggan with you - part of the trail is also groomed as a toboggan run!

Tour details
Highest point
Start point
Greiter Mühle
End point
Pfundser Tschey

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