Hiking tour

Via Lawerz to Norbertshöhe

The beautiful walk leads through Lawerz to Norbertshöhe which has a multitude of views. At
the valley station of the Mutzkopf chairlift, Trail no. 4 branches off from the main road and leads,
via a path above the valley station, to the natural and flower-strewn Lawerzwiesen on the Mösle.
There is a grill station and an adventure forest playground. Play areas made of wood and the
Mösle natural pond ensure an unforgettable family outing. From the crossroads at Mösle there
is the possibility to climb up to the Schwarzer See via Trail no. 5. The standard route leads from
Mösle further north and down the road to Norbertshöhe (refreshments available). From here
the route goes back along Trails no. 1 and no. 3 to the Mühle district.
Highest point
Start point
Nauders Zentrum
End point
Gasthof Norbertshöhe

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