Motorcycle tour - small highlight tour

This tour doesn't lead us to the most famous alpine passes in the region, but it's to say that this a small highlight. On the journey to the Kühtai you can experience great curves and there is also sometimes the one or other cow on the road, so be careful. From the Kühtai it goes through the Sellrain valley, where we take the road over Oberperfuss and so get a wonderful view of the low mountain range up to Innsbruck.
Through the smaller places in the Inn valley we go to Telfs and over the Mieminger plateau, where we soon will have the wide curves of the woodleith saddle under the wheels. The Fernpass brings us to Bichlbach, where we branch off into the Bergwanger - also called Namlostal, which is a true joy for every motorcyclist. In the Lech valley we drive to Elmen and drive across the Hahntenjoch back to the Inn valley.