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Moonlight picnic - under the stars



Your Winter.moments

In the middle of the icy and pitch black winter night you will experience special celestial events like shooting star nights, meteor showers, full moons.... up close.

The unspoiled high valley is far away from brightly lit cities and light sources and is therefore ideal for marveling at the thousands of twinkling constellations under expert guidance. After an approx. half-hour hike steaming punch and mulled wine await you. Our nature education guides will accompany you on the picnic under the stars on the following dates:


  • 13. December, Geminid shooting star night (alternative date 12/14/2023)
    The Geminid meteor stream lights up the firmament with its shooting stars in the period December 4 - 20. On the night of December 13, we expect the most meteors - up to 120 per hour!
  • 21. December, Ursid meteor shower/Solstice (alternate date 12/22/2023)
    Just before Christmas, the Ursid meteor stream will give us a shower of shooting stars. On the night of December 21, up to 110 shooting stars per hour are expected. Longest night shortest day.
  • 03. January, Quadrantids meteor shower (alternate date January 04, 2024)
    The Quadrantids are waiting with the first shooting star night of the new year on January 4, 2022. With up to 120 shooting stars per hour, the Quadrantids are among the most spectacular shooting star showers of the year.
  • 11. January, New Moon (alternate date Jan. 12, 2024)
    At this lunar phase the moon is between earth and sun.
  • 08. February, New moon (alternate date 09.02.2024)
    At this moon phase the moon is between earth and sun.
  • 21. February
    At this moon phase the moon is between earth and sun.

The substitute dates come into effect when the sky is overcast.

Meeting place: 08:00 pm Pfundser Tschey 
Duration: approx. 2-3 hours
Registration: required until 04:30 pm the day before at the information offices or with your landlord.
Costs: € 20,00 per person, incl. expert guide, mulled wine or punch, transfer on request
Minimum number of participants: 4 person


Event location
Pfundser Tschey
Erlebnisraum Tiroler Oberland
Stuben 40, 6542 Pfunds

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