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Museum Serfauser Lauser - Old mill


Small, unusual museum

Museum Serfauser Lauser, near Tösens, is unconventional and varied. It exhibits farming life back to the year dot, as well as “the miller’s joy”. And it makes you want to enjoy culinary regionality. 
Visitors can access this small, unusual museum via a ”Luststeig” (“path of desire”) adorned with sculptures. The “Brücke des Glaubens” (“bridge of faith”) leads on to the fertility stone by the old confessional, and then on to the old mill with its energy stone. The mill has been lovingly restored by its owner, Christian Sturm, and returned to its original purpose. The route leads on to the herb garden, the barns with their old agricultural equipment, the apiary, the hermitage and the “mushroom house”. And last but not least, “Gerti’s Ladele” has delicious homemade treats for you to try and take away. More organic is not possible!

Opening hours
Every Friday 02:00 p.m. - 05:00 p.m.
Sturm Christian
Untertösens 1, 6541 Tösens

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