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Mountain lake in Radurschl

A very special natural jewel awaits you in the Radurschltal - an emerald-coloured mountain lake, which was formed only recently by a mudflow at 2,200 metres above sea level. It is therefore impossible to estimate how long this natural jewel will remain with us in its existing size of two football fields. The Emerald Lake is part of the beautiful hike to the Hohenzollernhaus with start and end point at the Wildmoss car park in the Radurschl Valley. The hike to Hohenzollernhaus with the mountain lake behind it is suitable for families and runs along the rushing Raduschlbach stream and past the sculpture park in the middle of the Swiss stone pine forest. 

Tip: Every Tuesday a hiking bus leaves for the Wildmoos car park.
Refreshment stops: Radurschlalm & Hohenzollernhaus


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