Hiking tour

Wanderung Anton-Renk-Hütte - Großer See

At the beginning, you take the mountain railroad from Ried im Oberinntal to Fendels to the Sattelklause. There the hike starts. First the trail leads past the Fendler Alm to the Zirmesköpfle, where you can marvel at wonderfully blooming alpine roses, depending on the season. The trail continues to the Anton Renk hut with a view of the impressive Anton Renk waterfall. From the hut the path leads upwards, always following the signs and markings to the Great Lake.
The way back is either via the same path, or down to the Stalanzer Alm and from there to Ried.
Tour details
Highest point
Start point
Fendels Sattelklause
End point
Großer See

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