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With more than 300 kilometres of marked hiking and mountain routes, there is bound to be a route for you!

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Radurschlklamm (gorge walk)

This gorge, where the water has been working its way through the rock for millennia, is wonderfully shady and refreshing in summer. And a little mystical.... Discover the wildly romantic side of Alpine nature in the Tyrolean Oberland.
Even the name sounds secretive: Radurschlklamm. This gorge walk is definitely one of the best things that families can experience – with all the senses – while out walking in Austria. This nature experience leads over numerous bridges, including a suspension bridge, past thundering waterfalls and overhanging rock. Many rare ferns and grasses are to be found here, and another natural treasure awaits at the end of the gorge: a romantic meadow with places to sit and take a little rest. A top tip for hot days!


Radurschlklamm (Klammsteig)

start: Pfunds Dorf / end: Pfunds Dorf
The canyon starts just a few hundred meters from the Stampfau neighborhood. The hike offers a wonderful nature experience with many bridges, one rope bridge, splashing waterfalls and overhanging...
2.5 h
479 m
6.7 km

Fallender Bach waterfall

It is a stunning natural spectacle when the legendary “Fallender Bach” thunders over the wide rock to 170 metres below near the time-honoured Anton Renk hut.
Untameable volumes of water have been working their way over the smoothed rock for generations, shrouded in fine mist. Its dimensions will amaze the whole family. While out walking, the Fallender Bach is also a great opportunity to motivate children to get up close to nature in one of its wildest forms. The place is shrouded in mystery, with many folk stories telling of the “Fallender Bach ghost”. The unserviced Anton Renk hut stands picturesquely on the Glockturmkamm ridge at a height of 2,260 m, having been built in 1926 and named after the Tyrolean writer, folklorist and mountaineer Anton Renk.

Can be reached from Fendels via Fendler Alm or from Ried via Stalanzer Alm.

Pfundser Tschey

A piece of paradise-It’s a bit like in regional novels, but real and palpable: Thanks to its picturesque beauty and untouched nature, the mountain valley of Tschey near Pfunds is one of the great treasures of the Tyrolean Oberland.
Tschey, located at around 1,650 m, has maintained its original charm over centuries with its numerous pretty cooking huts. The stunning mountain valley spreads out around 400 m above the village of Pfunds, against the panoramic backdrop of the towering Samnaun Group. The nature experience for the whole family begins at its entrance, where the Greiter mill, built in the 18th century, lies on the Radurschlbach stream. Those that want to can also embark on a mountain tour on Pfunds’ “local mountain”, Frudiger (2,153 m).


Pfunds - Frudiger

start: Greit / end: Frudiger
Drive to Greit to the Tscheylücke (1,587 m). Here we are at the beginning of the wonderful high valley of the Pfundser Tschey and follow the forest trail up tp the high mountain pastures. The...
5.33 h
564 m
4.2 km

Altfinstermünz culture walk

Experience culture. Thanks to careful restoration, the former border crossing point and customs post of Altfinstermünz is now a neat and interesting landmark to the “dark” Middle Ages…
The narrow passage at Altfinstermünz with the Inn crossing and the customs post was once feared by travellers. The name alone didn’t sound good: The word “Finstermünz” comes from the Indo-Germanic “mintsja”, meaning “threatening towering rock”. Today, the little chapel, old customs house and – as if glued to the rock – “Siegmundseck” are a popular destination for walks and trips among travellers and visitors, and an eerily beautiful cultural experience for the whole family. In the centre of the Inn is the old hermitage tower with its wooden bridge, which is now accessible again, therefore forming a link between Tyrol and the Engadin.

Tours & experiences
A day at the border fortress takes you into the deepest Middle Ages, the time of knights, smugglers and their adversaries, the customs officers. Visitors of all ages can explore the old buildings, chapel, secretive rocky passages and natural caves individually or as part of a tour. A visitor centre provides information on the history and renovation of the fortress as part of a large-scale EU Interreg IIIB project. The fact that you can now stroll to the old customs post on nice prepared hiking paths and enjoy a historic collection of buildings of impressive beauty is thanks to the association Verein Altfinstermünz.


Entdecken Sie unseren Lehrpfad viele verschiedene Pflanzen und Blumenarten - mit dem Rätsel wird die Wanderung zum Erlebnis! (Rätselblatt im Infobüro erhältlich)
Die meisten Menschen kennen mehr Pflanzen als sie glauben.. Prüfen Sie sich selbst - wieviele erkennen Sie wieder? Die Tafeln am Wegesrand bieten allerhand Informationen & Wissenswertes über die Pflanzen. Spiss ist bekannt für seine Vielfalt an Blumen - bei dieser alpinen Blumenwanderung entdeckt man viele neue Arten die im Tal nicht blühen. Wo Sie unseren Lehrpfad finden: Am Ortsende beim Gasthof Alpenrose befindet sich ein Parkplatz - von dort verläuft ein Forstweg zu Grill- und Spielplatz von Spiss. An disem Platz angekommen zweigt der Rundwanderweg links ab und führt über die blühenden Bergwiesen leicht ansteingend bis zur Alpe Zanders. (Einkehrmöglichkeit) Gehzeit ca. 2-3 Stunden


Blumenwanderweg Spiss Bödra

start: Spiss / end: Spiss
3 h
425 m
7 km

Via Claudia Augusta

Hiking on Europe’s cultural hub
Long-distance hiking is in: The highly popular long-distance hiking route of Via Claudia Augusta from Donauwörth (Germany) to Venice (Italy) goes through the Tyrolean Oberland to Altfinstermünz, and from there up to Nauders am Reschenpass.
Over the last few years, all the existing gaps along the historic Roman road in the Tyrolean Oberland have been closed. As a labour-saving alternative, there is a shuttle bus up to Nauders. This makes the long-distance hiking route suitable even for families and sprightly pensioners. The Roman road, which leads from the Adriatic Sea and the Po River valley over the Alps to the Danube has become popular again over the last few years thanks to the EU project Interreg III B – Alpine Space. After 2,000 years, it is flourishing again with cyclists and long-distance hikers. The Tyrolean Oberland has taken heed of this and has renovated all sections, and equipped them with signs and the corresponding infrastructure.
All information, route profiles, descriptions, events, images, package tours and much more can be found at www.viaclaudia.org.

Guided sunrise hike with Alpine breakfast

That moment when the first rays of sunlight bathe the Tyrolean mountain peaks in golden light relieves all of the exhaustion of the ascent. Take a sunrise hike and experience Tyrol’s mighty mountain landscape as well as the peace and quiet of nature early in the morning.
On the way back from the Rauher Kopf, a well-earned breakfast awaits at Kobler Alm, where the herdsman and dairyman gives us a peek behind the scenes of life at an Alpine dairy.

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