The meadow month in the Tyrolean Oberland

Native, flowering meadows are particularly valuable for people and nature.

The meadows in the Alps are something special, especially in early summer when the numerous herbs and colorful flowers bloom. The untouched nature around the main towns of Prutz, Ried & Pfunds is a great treasure - which must be preserved.

01.06.2022 - 30.06.2022
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Programm Highlights

  • Meadow Festival
  • Meadow cinema
  • Gourmet farms 
  • Hikes, guided tours, tastings,...
  • ...

The varied program leads through blooming meadows, to committed farmers, enthusiastic beekeepers and imaginative herb educators. In numerous workshops we get to know and use the power of nature.

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Meadow Festival

19.06.2022 in Ried

  • Herbal workshops
  • insect & plant identification 
  • Environment workshop
  • Culinary delicacies 
  • musical accompaniment
  • Children's program
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Meadow Cinema

Outdoor Cinema

  • 17.06.2022 in Ried
  • 24.06.2022 in Pfunds
  • Films close to nature are presented in a harmonious natural setting 
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Produce the finest products

The finest recipes from nature are implemented together in the cooking classes. Further basics in the utilization of natural treasures are offered in the weekly workshops with a herbalist. The focus here is on the production of tea mixtures, herbal salt and marigold balm.

Pleasure farms & meadow farms

Creative restaurateurs in the Tyrolean Oberland create tasty dishes around the theme of meadow & herbs. At least one dish with regional ingredients from meadows or herb gardens is on the menu in June. The meadow enterprises decorate their house particularly to the topic June.Bluama.Zeit.

Pleasure farms & meadow farms

Get to know fauna and flora

The natural lush mountain and valley meadows are the basis for the continued existence of insect species. The preservation of meadows is becoming increasingly important because there are hardly any species-rich meadows left. A large number of insects, including wild bees and butterflies, feed on the sweet nectar of the flowering plants and find not only food but also shelter and nesting opportunities in the meadows. Thus, the meadows have a special significance not only for honeybees, but also for the continued existence of many other pollinating insects.

Discover and hike nature

Even in the abundance of impressive impressions of nature, it is important to discover details and to sharpen the eye for the essentials. Nature educators introduce guests to all kinds of effective and tasty herbs on the hikes on the theme of "Meadow and Herbs". The self-made herb snack belongs to the exploration tour. In many places, nature provides views and vistas. Guests can take part in guided hikes on the theme of meadows, in guided tours of farms and alpine pastures, and visit farmers on their farms.


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