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Region Tiroler Oberland

The weeks in the meadows in the Tyrolean Oberland

from 1st - 30th June 2021

In order to give our visitors a better understanding of the meaning, sustainability and beauty of the Alpine meadows, June has become “month of the meadows” in the Tyrolean Oberland. Visitors can take part in guided hikes on the theme of meadows, or guided visits to businesses and on pastures and visit agricultural workers on their farms. The Alpine meadows are something quite special, especially in early summer when the many herbs and bright flowers are blossoming. At the end of the “month of the meadows”, the “meadow festival” takes place , where there will be information on insects and identifying plants as well as music and numerous stands with regional producers.   

“Month of the meadows” programme:
Scythes and rakes - that’s how to mow a mountain meadow

What is actually the right way to mow and when’s the best time to harvest hay? Find out the answers to these questions at the haymaking experience once a week at an agricultural worker’s farm. And of course you’ll also be able to brandish the scythe or the rake yourself.

Honey and mountain apricot schnapps - producers offer tours through their businessesLocal beekeepers offer guided tours on the theme of meadows and explain the role of mountain and valley meadows for bees. The two schnapps distillers Peter Gspan and Gerhard Maas offer tours through their orchards and explain the art of distilling schnapps.

Follow the shepherd to the sheep on the Alpine meadows and into the permaculture garden
Visitors can watch the nomadic shepherd Thomas Schranz at work on the themed hike “region in flux”. He takes care of preserving the cultural landscape.

Through the meadows in the valley and on the pastures with a nature expert, photographer and innkeeper
Nature expert Gisela accompanies visitors on weekly hikes on the theme of “meadows and herbs” and brings along a homemade herb snack for energy. A photographer captures the beauty of nature with a discovery tour. You’ll learn what makes a true Alpine meadow on a hike to the pastures and you’ll also discover what life is like around the pasture.

Cooking classes and workshops - from hay flower soup to marigold balm
Once a week, there are cooking classes where you can learn how to make hay flower soup and dandelion honey, amongst other things. Herbal educationalist Petra also runs a course where you can learn how to make meadow tea, herbal salt or healing balm from marigolds.

*The program of the meadow month can of course also be used by all locals!


Event location
Tiroler Oberland
Kirchplatz 48, Region Tiroler Oberland
TVB Tiroler Oberland
Kirchpaltz 48, 6531 Ried

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